Local: (804) 828-9123 Toll-free: (800) 222-1222

Public education

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The Virginia Poison Center accepts requests from organizations including schools, civic groups, businesses and agencies to provide poison prevention education. We also attend health and safety events, where we distribute magnets and other materials with the center’s toll-free number.

Our central message is that an immediate call to Virginia Poison Center is the best step anytime a poisoning is suspected. We encourage keeping our emergency number, (800) 222-1222, programmed into cell phones and displaying our free stickers and magnets in visible locations anywhere a poisoning could happen.

To request a representative for an educational event, email Michele Burt, RN, CSPI, at or Sherri Ellis, RN, CSPI, at

Request materials

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We offer free materials including:

National Poison Prevention Week

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National Poison Prevention Week is observed annually during the third full week of March. The purpose is to focus attention on unintentional poisoning among children and raise awareness of the important role adults and poison centers have in preventing serious injury from childhood poisonings.

The annual theme for National Poison Prevention Week is “Poison Prevention Lasts a Lifetime.” We encourage you to set up educational activities for your community or group event during the week by contacting Michele Burt, RN, CSPI, at or Sherri Ellis, RN, CSPI, at


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